Vidyanext Academic Content

Vidyanext content has been developed with a unique approach to learning delivery, designed to help the students overcome the challenge of incredibly time consuming course study material. We have a repository of valuable content, aligned with the CBSE and ICSE curricula, curated and designed by experienced Subject matter experts in Maths and Science and organized to provide a great learning experience to students.

Question Papers
Vidyanext offers the best package of latest and previous years Question papers for all grades. It familiarizes the student with the paper and helps addressing time-management


Revision Notes
Vidyanext Revision Notes captures the essence of a chapter. It is a resource you can turn to for a quick chapter glance and last minute revision for your tests and exams.


Learning Material
Our material span subchapter level includes multi-dimensional learning resources that help in easy understanding of concepts. This includes notes, graphics and concept videos.


Check your understanding
Diagnostic assessment is a form of very efficient pre-assessment test that is designed to determine students’ individual strengths, knowledge, and skills prior to the instruction.


Curated Content

Vidyanext combines some of the best of the web with our own expertly-designed practice problems to make sure every student has the resources they need to tackle any academic challenge.

Great User Experience

Students agree that the Learn app by Vidyanext has the best user experience of any learning system. Designed to guide students to do more practice, the app has been developed with experts in user experience design, pedagogy and lesson planning.

Reduced Exam Stress

Custom assessments reduce exam stress, by allowing for complete personalisation to each student’s needs. These practice and tests build confidence while highlighting weak areas.